Hungarian Agroecology Network

About the Hungarian Agroecology Network

The aim of this multistakeholder, transdisciplinary and intergenerational network is to connect and strengthen those working with agroecology. The network is meant to be a meeting point, a knowledge-producing and - sharing community and an advocacy organization. The long-term goal is to promote a national and international agroecological transformation of practices and policies and the implementation of food sovereignty through joint work and movement building, and to work together to create a socially, economically and naturally sustainable agricultural production, processing and distribution system in Hungary – and beyond.


With the help of diverse practical and theoretical knowledge created jointly by members from different sectors, the network intends to:

  • organize events to promote knowledge sharing and networking, facilitate working relationships and the development of processes between the actors of the Hungarian agroecological transition;
  • carry out agroecological awareness-raising, knowledge sharing and the dissemination of good practices;
  • embed agroecology in the formal and informal education system;
  • formulate and represent policy recommendations;
  • advocate for agroecology;
  • promote practice-oriented, stakeholder-involved, cross-disciplinary research.


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Listen to the story of the Hungarian Agroecology Network:

DIALOGUE #5 MAPPING AGROECOLOGICAL TERRITORIES with Lili Balogh from Agro-Perma-Lab Foundation on Vimeo.

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